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LBJ: Linton Rotary Club Lucas Oil Company Grand Prix

The annual Linton Rotary Club Lucas Oil Company Grand Prix provided a roar over Humphreys Park on Saturday and Sunday.


The races are part of the Indy Kart Series and attracted races from throughout the state.

Sunday afternoon featured highly competitive races from the Indy Cart Series. Some of the larger unlimited karts topped speeds of 100 miles per hour around the paved track around the park.

See a photo gallery at http://gcdailyworld.com/gallery/kart-rac… for coverage of the event.

The Lucas Oil Indy Karting Series “Linton Grand Prix” race results:

Yamaha Jr. Super Can — 1st Bill McLaughlin Jr., 2nd Levon Bates, 3rd Elizabeth Runyan

Yamaha Sr. Masters — 1st Gary Monnett, 2nd Bill Evans, 3rd Scott Ferguson

Yamaha Sr. Medium — 1st Mike Larrison, 2nd Dylan Brock, 3rd Mike Burrell

Yamaha / HPV Pipe — 1st Tim Cooper, 2nd Alex Angel, 3rd John Dixon

Tag Lite — 1st Alex Angle, 2nd Mike Larrison, 3rd Jamie Ferrell

Yamaha Sr. Heavy — 1st Gary Monnett, 2nd Mike Larrison, 3rd Mike Burrell

Tag Heavy — 1st Jason Lee, 2nd Scott Hamble, 3rd Kent Schonberger

Shifter — 1st Jason Lee, 2nd Bill McLaughlin Jr., 3rd Scott Hamble

Junior 2 and 4 Cycle — 1st William Woodard, 2nd Drake Woodard, 3rd Caleb Patterson — Taylor

F200 Briggs Lite — 1st Austin King, 2nd Mike Hayes, 3rd Garrett Powell

F200 Briggs Masters — 1st Joe King Jr, 2nd Jeff King

F200 Briggs Heavy — 1st Mike Hayes, 2nd Austin King, 3rd Joe King Jr.

Briggs Junior — 1st Cody Johnson, 2nd Valerie Killen

Local Option Heavy — 1st Scott Booker, 2nd Josh Ellott, 3rd Troy Johnson

Local Option Lite — 1st Scott Booker, 2nd Josh Ellott, 3rd Chris Bave

Source: http://www.gcdailyworld.com/story/1252697.html

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