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Fan Force United Racing

FFU final Logo

The “fan” is the absolute bedrock of any professional sport. Without fans being excited about the competition, the teams, the personalities, the supporting partners and their products and services, there is no event, no game……………no race!! The race fan makes racing happen at tracks all over the country by purchasing tickets and spending their hard earned money on this exciting form of sports entertainment. Fan Force United, a new team on the Firestone Indy Lights circuit in 2012 will reach out to fans in very unique ways. If you are a sports fan of any kind, this is a team you will want to know. The owners at Fan Force United (FFU) want to give their fans more value, excitement and attention than the typical sports fan is used to receiving from a professional sports team. Headquartered in Indianapolis, FFU embarks on the 2012 Firestone Indy Lights season with plans to win races! While competing hard for those trophies, they will bring the fans closer to the sport, giving them a chance to be more involved with the team and their partners in order to create a UNITED win/win experience to benefit all involved. So be sure to “JOIN THE FORCE and JOIN THE FUN”!! Sign up today!! http://fanforceunited.com/



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