Levon Bates Jr.



No. 2 LBJ Racing /Levon Bates Jr. Racing
Birth Date:     December 7th, 1992
Hometown:    Indianapolis, Indiana
Residence:     Indianapolis, Indiana
Ht./Wt.:           5’11″ / 150

Flash Facts:

Food:      sushi
Movies:  Transformers
Music:    hip-hop and R&B
Other Interests:  basketball, football, music
Favorite  Tracks:  Newcastle Motor Sports Park and Putnam Park
Levon Bates, Jr., affectionately known as “LBJ” by his family and friends, is a twenty year old racing phenomenon who was born in the racing capitol of the world, Indianapolis, Indiana.  His family knew from an early age that Levon was not only attracted to, but was quite adept at, riding anything with wheels on it.   He was riding a bicycle without training wheels at the age of two, and at the age of four, was the youngest person ever to compete in BMX races at the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis.   Levon’s love went from bicycles to battery-operated jeeps and ATV’s, and Dune Buggies to motorized ATV’s, dirt bikes, mopeds and two-seater karts to actual professional go karts.     He was riding a Yamaha 50 dirt bike at the age of 4.
Levon’s interest in professional racing was inspired by his next door neighbor, John Andretti, whom he credits with starting his love for racing.   Although Levon has only karted off and on since he was 13,  he has already been making a name for himself.   Many people feel he possesses a natural ability that many see as a God-given gift/talent for driving.  In just his first year of karting,  Levon was named Rookie-of-the-Year by the Southern Indiana Racing Association (SIRA).  He also finished an incredible sixth in the Tag Junior World Championships at the end of the 2006 season.   In 2007, Levon was crowned the II Cycle Junior Champion by the SIRA.   His team, LBJ Racing, placed a remarkable seventeenth in this year’s Mazda RoboPong 200 Endurance Race at Newcastle, Indiana.  Levon, Dylan Brock and Elizabeth Runyan (Team LBJ Racing) received the “Hard Charger” award for advancing the most spots in the race – starting at 69th and finishing a remarkable 17th!    In 2007, Levon had five first place finishes in the Yamaha Junior Supercan class and four Top 5 finishes while winding up with four first place trophies in TAG Junior.
Levon has now moved on to the Formula Vee Racing Series and is working with Steve Lathrop of CItation Engineering and co-founder of the Formula Vee Series in the United States.  Levon is learning everything about this Racing Series and will be testing and practicing cars this year then begin racing them competitively in 2011.
It is Levon’s desire to be one of the African-American race car drivers who help integrate the sport of racing.   We believe Levon can help attract the kinds of fans who have been missing from the sport whereby they can feel more comfortable coming to races and supporting a young, talented African-American driver.   With soaring crime rates, the allure of gangs, the ease of getting illegal guns and drugs, Levon stands to be a real role model for our African-American  youth.   The potential exists for not only further developing Levon’s racing skills but for also changing the way people think and behave in the world.